Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fit and Finish

I made quick work of the excess wood with my router and a trim blade.  I then used the best tool in my locker...  The Belt Sander!!!   The router took the wood down to about 1/8 of an inch. The belt sander got it the rest of the way.  A little more work with the random orbiter sander and we'll be ready for some finish.  I did make new splash boards but I made them out of Ocume.  I'll make new ones from the mahogany.  It's hard to see but the joint between the fore deck was minimal.  I made up some sawdust and yellow glue and filled in the void.

This is how I spent my Sunday afternoon.  I made the splash rails from the ones I took off of the boat.  They made a good pattern but like anything else it needed a lot of custom fitting.  After all said and done I think they look good.

It's January 31 and this is what I got done today.  I glued the splash boards on and fitted and glued the brestplate.  That was the original part from the boat.  It came off in 3 chunks and somehow I managed to save it.   I glued it back together and cleaned all the paint off of it.  The two little quarter rounds at the end of the boards are another matter.  I don't have a good way yet to clamp them while the glue dries.  I'll figure something out.

This is what the front side looks like.

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  1. Looking good! Too bad Merv W. doesn't have internet access to see the progress. He'll be pleased when he sees her at BYC next June.