Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bottoms up

I flipped the boat over and started to sand the bottom.  I had to fill a number of holes that showed up when I took the old deck gussets out.  They were nailed in from the bottom and the nails pulled through.  I faired  some rough spots but for the most part the bottom is in good shape.


  1. Hi Bill,
    I never noticed how radical that boat is! That view really shows there's not much stability built into the shape. Is it hard to sail?
    Ben Tice

  2. Hi Ben,

    Putting this boat into perspective, She was designed in 1953. This was a radical change from the standard Scow Moth. The boat does not have too much rocker so in reality she is not that hard to sail. However, if you normally sail a Laser this boat is off the hook for stability... In our Classic Moth Fleet we have other designs that are a real challenge to sail. You can see some of the other boats at our web site mothboat.com