Sunday, January 1, 2012

Deck deconstruction

In sailing shape, but not race ready.

Shane did the deconstruction
This block held a small tube that allowed the headstay to be adjustable.  I eliminated the block.
Well, here we go again.  Another boat another year.  It's Jan 1 2012.  I acquired a 1963 Fletcher Cates Moth over the summer. The boat was in good shape but needed cosmetic work.  I put the boat into sailing condition but over the racing seasion realized it needed work.  So what we are going to do is remove the deck, check out all the structure replace or repair that structure and then re skin the deck with 3 mil ocume ply.  That's my son, Shane who did all the demolition.  The deck wood was punky and came off with little coaxing.

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  1. As I have perused your blogs I keep finding things I can relate to having lived in Riverton, NJ through my childhood. I remember Blair Fletcher sailing in Riverton. He was a friend of my father, Knute Hunn. If memory serves me well Blair was sailing Comets at the time and it was one of the boats he built at Fletcher Marine. But, I also remember another boat he was building at the time. It was what you might call a knock off of the very popular Sunfish. I remember going to his shop with my Dad and seeing one of the boats that was finished. I don't remember what he called the boat but as I said it looked a lot like a Sunfish. Maybe someone out there knows what I'm talking about.