Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Road trip

I've taken a hiatus from the Cates for a while.  I've concentrated my time on the Abbott that I'm also restoring.  So I had some time today and just happened to be in Washington DC.  I took a few minutes to look around at things that were.  I spent the bulk of my working years in this town and a lot of them right on the National Mall. I took lunchtime walks around the mall and usually stopped in a museum along the way.  My time was limited today so I only got into the Air and Space museum, which just happens to be my favorite.  A few pix of the visit.

 The most famous airplane in the place.  The original Flyer.    If you ever visit the outer Banks of NC you can see the original launch site.  It's still there.  The museum in NC has a flyer but it's a copy.

                                                          This is the real McCoy

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